Communications Log: Morning Writing Streaming 3 Days A Week

Woah, Nelly, has it ever been a minute since I did this. So go easy on me. I’m out of practice.

As of this writing, I’m livestreaming Monday through Wednesday mornings for 3.5 hours of writing accountability followed by a share-what-you-did chat. I’ve done this “shared digital workspace” thing three times before and all three times I know I got a lot done, and sometimes folks joined in and got stuff done, too.

I think the most people I’ve ever had do this with me at once is three people, which in the wrap-up chat is great because you can use multiple comments in a row in the chat to say everything you need to say and ask all the follow-up questions you need without them getting lost in the chaos of some other streams. And because I’m streaming on Youtube and Twitch and Periscope, if one chat is ever too full for your liking (from this log to the universe’s eyes) you can hop on one of the less chaotic other chats for the space to make yourself better understood. 

Plus, yesterday I added going live on Instagram to the wrap-up chat so now you can hop on there, submit a question/request to go live with me, and we can really hash-out whatever it is you want to talk about with your projects.

I looooooooove talking with people about what we’re all making and how we’re making it and what challenges come up along the way. I love being sounding boards for each other and alternative perspectives and just getting creative with other people who like getting creative.

And I’d love to see you there. I promise to do my best to be consistent schedule-wise (when my OCD throws one thing off, other things are sure to follow). I also promise not to livestream when I know when writing isn’t going to happen, like when my cycle restarts.

I might do a chat on IG anyway, but I’m not streaming me glaring at the computer and beating myself up for not writing. No one needs to see that to know it’s happening. Plus, it’d be super-distracting for you to be listening to someone berate themselves.

So yeah, no, there will be no writing accountability streaming when my cycle is resetting. Though there may be a chat on IG. And just going from “might” to “may” means the more I sit here thinking about it the more probable it is.

Anyway, the writing is from 8:00 to 11:30am Eastern Standard Time and the chat starts at 11:30am and goes til 12:30pm at the latest, because ol’Rosie’s gotta go eat lunch.

Hope to see you there.