Cold War: Time Warp

The pilot two-parter (merged into one) introduced a little something called the Temporal Cold War which decided to rear its grandfather-paradox head.

The best part of this episode was the imposter ensign from the future telling Scott Bakula that he travels through time to make sure history plays out they way that it’s supposed to which Captain Archer finds incredible. (The more I watch this series, the more I think I should do something for Quantum Leap which would really just be an excuse to re-watch all of Quantum Leap.)

The worst part is when T’Pol asks very human questions about why the Time Corrector? didn’t just position himself before the misuse of time travel occurred. But any Vulcan child worth their salt will tell you nine ways to Tuesday why that wouldn’t work; the least of which being a variation of the grandfather paradox in which you cannot go back in time and undo that which made traveling back in time necessary in the first place.

The fact that you want to travel back in time and kill Hitler before he could do any of what he did means that you shouldn’t because then you would have no reason to go back in time; or worse, history would self-correct and if it wasn’t Hitler it would’ve been someone else and you’d go back and kill them instead of Hitler so then Hitler would rise causing an entanglement of parallel timelines (one with Hitler, one with Shitler).

So, basically, this episode is my Monday mood.
Well done, ENT.

P.S. Did I happen to mention how Archer magically didn’t get sucked into space/frozen to depth/instantaneously suffocated in the “big” fight scene? That was all kinds of stupid.