Code of Honor: At Least They Tried?

I read up a little on this episode before I watched it. The original idea of a reptilian race whose culture is similar to the bushido code of the Samurai sounded interesting. “1940s tribal Africa,” not so much.

“1940s tribal Africa” is the tamest way you can possibly say “racist as f*ck.” You’re basically saying that you think the idealized Africa of 1940s cartoons and technicolor musicals was so “pretty” that you hope no one notices the glaring ignorance of portraying people in that light forty-odd years later.

I don’t like to go more than two episodes (within a series) without writing a sonnet, but I just cannot allow “quite possibly the worst piece of Star Trek ever made” to get the first TNG sonnet. No, no. I will hole out for as many episodes as it takes, for something worthy of being versified.

Though kudos to the wife getting her freedom and taking control of the situation.