Civilization: Prime Directive, Schmime Directive

Ah, the first human visit to a planet inhabited by true extraterrestrials not yet advanced enough to warrant First Contact from Vulcan visitors. What could possibly go wrong?

No, wait, that doesn’t matter because some other advanced species is hiding there and polluting the crap out of everything so whatever Archer and his crew do, they can do no wrong.

I feel like this was an excuse to get people into medieval garb and have Archer kiss someone and explain how the translator tech works without anyone explaining anything so that everyone is just “magically” speaking English until they aren’t and Archer kisses an apothecary who just happens to be a woman “ahead of her time” as a tieback to when Archer was first considering visiting the planet and thought it would be “like traveling back through time.”

I may be holding a bit of a grudge regarding the show’s childish treatment of the Vulcans thus far. I admit that.  But that doesn’t excuse just how predictable and prosaic this all is.

Regardless of how adorable Scott Bakula is in medieval garb.