Charlie X: Teenage Wasteland

Whoa; teen angst never looked so lethal, except may be that episode of Twilight Zone when that kid kept transforming people with his mind and or sending them to “the cornfield”.

Here’s the worst part of it all: the end.

Turns out an advanced species bestowed strange powers on a three-year-old so that he could survive and, 14 years later, the kid has no idea how to interact with humans. Yet when they catch up with the kid, their only idea of a solution for all the trouble he caused is to take him back to their planet.

For some reason they can bestow powers, but they can’t take them away again. What kind of an advanced species gives that much power to a child without knowing how to take those powers away again?!

Anyone who’s ever taken care of a kid will tell you that when a kid misuses their toy, you take away the toy. Maybe you make the kid sit on the stairs away from all their toys for about five to ten minutes, but you don’t jump immediately to a life of solitary confinement.

It’s completely infuriating. Take the powers away and put the kid among super-patient humans (such as doctors in a psych ward) who can show him how to live among his fellow physical human beings, the companions he craves and needs.

Don’t punish loneliness with solitude.
That’s just all kinds of stupid.