The Tholian Web: Much Ado About No Captain

A ship has disappeared into an unexplored region of space, only it turns out it hasn’t disappeared; it’s become trapped in the space between universes and — wouldn’t you know it — Kirk has gotten himself trapped right along with it. Spock is calculating time issues for getting the captain back, Scotty is calculating engine issues, and McCoy — while being…Read moreRead more

For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky: There’s a Blood Moon on the Rise

McCoy is dying; a planet will die if an asteroid hits it; and, the asteroid is a generation ship full of people who will die if the crew of the Enterprise can’t figure out how to change it’s course other than blowing it up (for the sake of the planet it’s headed toward destroying). I’m…Read moreRead more

Day of the Dove: Spock-Eating Toaster

Ignoring the way the show is more-and-more toeing the line of the race issue via Klingons; ignoring the fact that Klingons are violent because they have to be in order to survive because their home-worlds are less-than-stellar (pun intended); and, ignoring the ever problematic issue of the treatment of women on this show and every…Read moreRead more

The Paradise Syndrome: Ask Me No Questions

Mystery of several Earth-like planets inhabited by English-speaking humanoids revealed! Turns out it was some ancient, awesome race called the Preservers. In this episode we see three Native American Indian groups merged into one on a perfect twin of Earth and just half a galaxy away. Then things happen like Kirk losing his memory, being…Read moreRead more

Bread and Circuses: Oh, the Humanity!

Another planet is much too much like earth, but this one has all the modern conveniences of the 20th century with all the culture of Ancient Rome. No Latin, unfortunately. The episode gets a little too New Testament than I like my scifi, but it is nice to see Uhura putting the pieces together and having to…Read moreRead more