The Mark of Gideon: No Room at the Inn

While everyone aboard the Enterprise is forced to put up with bureaucratic hoopla, Kirk is stranded with a lovely blonde on a fake Enterprise. The episode — and you can look this up — was supposed to explore the issue of overpopulation, but they don’t actually do that til the end of the episode while the rest is just…Read moreRead more

Whom Gods Destroy: None Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

This is our second foray-gone-wrong into a mental hospital. The first time, we were treated to a doctor gone crazy. This time? The patients have taken control. One of the inmates recites one of Shakespeare’s sonnets, and I just wanted to at least give that sonnet since I won’t be writing one. Also, can we just note…Read moreRead more

Elaan of Troyius: Some Tears Must Fall

Two warring planets are having their rulers marry to ensure peace before they go and destroy each other. As is so often the way, the bride is being ferried like a token/prize to a planet she has never visited and whose inhabitants she abhors. Her people have tempers and guess whose job it ends up…Read moreRead more

The Empath: Do Unto Others

A star is approaching nova and on one of its planets there’s a research facility that hasn’t checked in with Starfleet in a while … hmm. Turns out the technicians mysteriously disappeared and just as everyone’s favorite landing party finds this out they too disappear! Really they’re just transported deeper into the planet where they are…Read moreRead more

Plato’s Stepchildren: All Play & No Work

… makes so-called followers of Plato’s ideals into dicks … or — you know — centuries-old telekinetics with some less-than-awesome atrophy and a penchant for not giving a fig about the free will of non-telekinetics. Just another day for everyone’s favorite landing party. With this sonnet I tried to cover the varying aspects of anger felt by the non-telekinetic characters…Read moreRead more