Patterns of Force: The Sound and The Fuehrer

10 times out of 10, if anyone mentions the prime directive, the prime directive has been or is about to be violated. What this means for this episode is that somebody re-created Nazi-fascism on a planet and everyone’s favorite crew was put in charge of putting the breaks on the ‘final solution’. It goes as…Read moreRead more

Return to Tomorrow: Marriage is What Brings Us Together Today

Three disembodied voices require the bodies of Kirk, Spock, and a very attractive Astro-Biologist in order to build an android they can share while continuing their existence. Guess which body gets possessed by a villain and which two are too busy making googlie-eyes at each other to notice. While the husband-wife dynamic is all very…Read moreRead more

A Private Little War: Lilith, Thy Name is Nona

This episode’s teleplay was written by Roddenberry himself and draws an interesting parallel between Nurse Chapel helping Spock and some witch-woman-healer-person manipulating everyone for her own gain. Ever hear of Lilith? “Adam’s wife before the gift of Eve” — Dante Gabriel Rossetti I bring up Lilith because once again we are on a beautiful earth-like planet that Kirk can…Read moreRead more

The Immunity Syndrome: Weird Science

Spock proves Vulcans to be a superior species, again. It appears that even over great distances, even a half-Vulcan can sense 400 Vulcan minds cry out in their final moments. A feat which confounds and impresses McCoy and then embarrasses him a little when Spock points out that humans tend to feel much more badly…Read moreRead more

A Piece of the Action: An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Kirk takes Spock and McCoy down to the surface of a planet with which the federation hasn’t made contact in about 100 years. In that time the planet has decided to run itself according to the rules of 1920s Chicago gangsters. There’s a lot of talk about bagging and heaters and percentages, all of which…Read moreRead more