Category: Season 2

  • Assignment: Earth — A Hop, Skip & Jump to Conclusions

    OH MY GOSH, YOU GUYS, MY BRAIN IS IN OVERLOAD. Why? Why?! Because Teri Garr guest-starred in the episode in question this week. TERI. GARR. You guys don’t need to hear about Star Trek today, right? I mean, they travel back in time and meet another species (through a too-perfect human intermediary) that’s also capable traveling through time and […]

  • Bread and Circuses: Oh, the Humanity!

    Another planet is much too much like earth, but this one has all the modern conveniences of the 20th century with all the culture of Ancient Rome. No Latin, unfortunately. The episode gets a little too New Testament than I like my scifi, but it is nice to see Uhura putting the pieces together and having to […]

  • The Ultimate Computer: His Master’s Voice

    Oh, the frustrating paradox of Kirk having to outsmart a super computer, without the paradox. Scientist insists on being in charge of Kirk’s ship. Boooh.Super computer starts killing people and the scientist who created it is too crazed with pride to own-up to it needing to be stopped (without going full-on cray-cray). Ah, but the computer was […]

  • The Omega Glory: We The People

    I the Penrose Trekkie of the Original Series of Star Trek, in Order to form a more perfect Understanding, do ask you — Fellow Trekkies — Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?! There’s so much I want to ask and say, but I don’t want to give anything away. Suddenly I find myself wondering how much of my blogging has been spoilers […]

  • By Any Other Name: Sheep’s Clothing

    It would appear that superior beings tend to be less-than when confined within a human body. Their leader is taken down by jealousy, their second by ‘roid rage, their muscle by drinking, and their female by kissing from guess who. By the way, why doesn’t the female of the superior species fit into a team archetype […]