The Alternative Factor: Disappointed, Table of Me

I was really excited for an episode centered on multiverse theory. I thought for sure, once that happened, it would help to clear up any possible paradoxes in future episodes regarding time travel. Instead, the alternative universe was a universe composed of antimatter. A duplicate of our universe composed of antimatter would be a complete…Read moreRead more

Errand of Mercy: Klingons Shmingons

The fortress was obviously built of the same stuff as the fortress from the original pilot. Cool. The beings of pure energy are on track for Einstein’s theory of human evolution. Double cool. The Klingons were trigger-happy, but very — neat. Um? I was expecting a post-apocalyptic, Nazi-esque occupation from the way Kirk and Spock were carrying…Read moreRead more

Devil in The Dark: A Little Girl Talk Goes A Long Way

As soon as the miner showed them that silicon sphere I knew it would end up being an egg and the source of their trouble with the man-incinerating native. Spock’s gift of mind melding came in handy negotiating peace and McCoy’s statement “I’m a doctor, not a bricklayer” proved foreshadowing of how he would save the little…Read moreRead more

This Side of Paradise: Paradise Left

Spores are making everyone emotional — starting with Spock! He’s smiling. He’s just hanging out. He’s kissing the pretty blonde (an honor usually bestowed on the captain). What could possibly go wrong? Oh, right, the spores brainwash you against leaving and from making any sort of societal progress. Ugh. So how do we get out of this one? Well, first Kirk starts…Read moreRead more

A Taste of Armageddon: War, What is it Good For?

Fighting war virtually? Awesome. Disintegrating your own people? Not cool. The fact that this so-called civilization has managed to go half a millennia doing just that — rather than have peace talks — is crazy dumb. That’s why Spock, as understanding of their logic as he is, did not actually approve. Also, why are there missions that allow visitors to the Enterprise to have…Read moreRead more