Category: Season 1

  • The Changeling: When Your Powers Combine, I Am A Dalek!

    Once upon a time humanity sent an unmanned probe into space and it was hit by a meteor. Unable to recall its mission, the Nomad — as it was named — continued out into space and met a similarly damaged probe from an alien species. They merged, healing each other and creating a new directive — exterminate. On a whimsical note: […]

  • Who Mourns for Adonais? What The Hell Was That?!

    Scotty’s got an unrequited crush, an expert on ancient civilizations and their myths who — coincidentally — spends the episode falling in love with an advanced being called Apollo who totally commits the thunder and lightning version of sexual assault when she pisses him off. Awesome. It’s just like Space Seed when the expert on Khan fell in love with Khan, but — this time — he’s 100% […]

  • Amok Time: Alas Alack Amok

    Let’s get these out of the way: I totally had Chekov’s haircut in the 4th grade; Christine Chapel just can’t catch a break with Spock; and, Pon Farr is what I imagine Seasonique to be like. Shudder. I like that a Vulcan woman can challenge her arranged marriage, but the fact that someone will have to die as a result […]

  • Operation: Annihilate! Now I Want to Play Operation

    Man, just being half Vulcan is super useful. This week: Spock is able to control his mind’s reaction to the pain induced by a neural parasite; Spock has a second pair of eyelids (usually about as useful as a human’s appendix) that keep him from being permanently blinded by an experimental treatment for the neural parasite; and, Spock’s fancy […]

  • City on the Edge of Forever: Let’s Shoot Hitler

    If you insist on ignoring multiverse theory every time you time travel, I’ll just have to deal with it. I promise you I won’t like it, but I’ll deal with it. Kirk falls in love with a woman of the 1930s. Huh. How does he know she isn’t his grandmother? He doesn’t until the end of the episode when he discovers […]