Requiem for Methuselah: Better to Have Loved and …

A recluse alone on a planet ends up being an ancient genius. The only beautiful woman falls for Kirk — despite the recluse loving her — and Kirk falls for her hard. Problem? She’s a robot and not being able to accustom herself to having feelings ends up killing her. Did I forget to say spoiler alert? Too bad…Read moreRead more

The Lights of Zetar: Star Trek’s Play-Along

Scotty has a girlfriend! Scotty has a girlfriend! This is completely thrilling. It’s her first deep-space mission AND an ancient alien race tries to take possession of her AND she’s Scotty’s girlfriend. Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate Shari Lewis of ‘Lamb Chop’ fame who wrote this episode because this was ridiculous AND sexist AND…Read moreRead more

That Which Survives: That Which Inspires

‘That Which Survives’ is weird, guys. It actually sent me on an hour-long google-quest to find Parasite Eve, a 1997 horror film from Japan that I found more thoughtful than frightening when I stumbled across it years ago when it was going by a Different Name on IFC. The two really don’t have all that much…Read moreRead more

The Mark of Gideon: No Room at the Inn

While everyone aboard the Enterprise is forced to put up with bureaucratic hoopla, Kirk is stranded with a lovely blonde on a fake Enterprise. The episode — and you can look this up — was supposed to explore the issue of overpopulation, but they don’t actually do that til the end of the episode while the rest is just…Read moreRead more

Let That Be Your Last Battlefield: Two Sides to Everything

Today we get a lesson on the fatal futility of the race issue. Two beings from an unexplored planet, one has been chasing the other for about 50,000 Earth years (because beings from other planets always have extreme timelines). They are both half black and half white, just on different sides. Now, follow me on this: their…Read moreRead more