Category: TAS

  • The Time Trap: The Mouth Shut

    I wanted more from this. There were so many little ways they could have just shifted the focus of the episode and made it into something really special. I wanted more clarity as to what Spock was at and how Kirk was magically providing all the logic. I wanted them to play with the possibility […]

  • The Terratin Incident: Too Cute

    Seriously, this episode was too cute. Teeny-tiny Kirk trying to command the bridge from his too-big chair. Teeny-tiny Sulu falling off his makeshift ladder when he tries to drive the ship. Spoiler alert: the transporter saves them in much the same fashion as in The Lorelei Signal with one difference. Remember that time I was too […]

  • Mudd’s Passion: Love Potion, No. Nein.

    First it was a placebo promising beauty. Then it was a planet of fembots (some pleasant, some less so, all sexist). Now a compound you rub into your skin to make anyone of the same sex become your friend and anyone of the opposite sex your lover (because 1960s heteronormativity). There are two things of […]

  • Once Upon a Planet: In Wildest Dreams

    I’m a huge fan of the Shore Leave planet. And, apparently, it’s a fan of fairy tales (which I know and love and write). Which means if I and the planet (or, rather, the main computer in control of the planet) ever met, we would totally be best friends. Here’s how I know this to […]

  • The Magicks of Megus-Tu: The Salem Human Trial

    I’m not saying I’ve hit my saturation point with the idea of one superior species or another having been an integral part of a major moment in human history. I’m not saying it’s never a compelling idea. But I think there’s a problem when a series (or a whole fictional version of the universe) keeps revisiting […]