Category: TAS

  • The Counterclock Incident: Justice for a Flower

    You know how at the start of every episode they throw a bunch a stuff at you to introduce the events to follow and that each thing they throw at you gets put to use. That didn’t happen here. We have the Enterprise headed towards a planet called Babel where a large group of ambassadors […]

  • How Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth: to face the unabsolving truth

    You know how when you see a quote you recognize kicking off something you’re about to watch and then the thing you watch falls short of what the quote conveyed? This episode really missed the mark on what the episode’s authors intended. Intention: For a god-like being to view humans as its children and be […]

  • Albatross: Your Ship’s Good Luck

    I’m going to presume for a moment that as a fan of classic Trek that you’re also likely a fan of Firefly and — by extension — the movie Serenity. Specifically, Serenity. And even more specifically that moment when Mal reveals he knows what an albatross is. As I recall the albatross was a ship’s […]

  • The Practical Joker: Back-in-the-Box

    You know how every time Kirk outsmarts a computer you just wanna roll your eyes at him? You know how with every episode of this cartoon you feel like you should just not take it seriously because it’s a cartoon? Well, clearly, you’re new here because neither of those things are on the agenda today! […]

  • Bem: The Cooperative Failure?

    Visitor aboard the Enterprise? Not my favorite. Uhura not taking crap from anybody? Getting warmer. A superior being that makes you explain yourself for your own sake. Now we’re cookin’! And yet … who gets the sonnet? The Pandronian as a colony creature is a culture unto himself who, seemingly villainous, was more judgemental than […]