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  • Subspace Log: Writing Prompt 7

    A picture of a small boy with his mouth opened wide and holding up a beach towel that reads “How’s my breath?” 2020-08-12

  • Subspace Log: Writing Prompt 6

    Trapped at the start of a new level of a game. Someone travels underground with a grate moving through the sands above so they can breathe and communicate. Searching for someone. 2020-08-10

  • Subspace Log: Writing Prompt 5

    Trying to drive two cars to the same destination by driving one a little, walking back, and driving the other one a little. Ever pausing and undoing progress to make the same progress again, eventually one car is left in a parking lot and the other taken to the final destination where the kids are…

  • Subspace Log: Writing Prompt 4

    “How do you tell the difference between quarantine reality and an alternate reality?” 2020-08-07 When something’s in quotes like this in my dream journal, it’s because it was a line of dialogue I remembered from the dream (and sometimes the only thing I remember). Some people will try to tell you that if you can…

  • Subspace Log: Writing Prompt 3

    A mother protecting her baby. Six swords. 2020-08-06 Yup. That’s it. That’s the whole prompt. It’s actually the entirety of the entry in my dream journal. Because some mornings I’ll literally only remember one word or feeling from the whole dream. For those of you thinking it’s not worth it to keep a dream journal…