Category: Supplemental

  • Academy Log: Volta D-20 for poetry.

    This is a poetry exercise for anyone in possession of a 20-sided die, it is easily modified for any-sized die for those looking to practice voltas. Step One. Make a list of twenty things you’ve done over the past week, month, whatever. Step Two. Make a list of twenty ways you’ve been interrupted over the…

  • Communications Log: All sorts of egg on my face over here.

    Specifically, there are three types of egg on my face. First, I misremembered something in a big way because I was trying too hard to do a thing that didn’t make sense. Once upon a time I shared the origin story of my first-ever epic poem, the pantoum Random Bearings. However, it wasn’t the origin…

  • Subspace Log: Writing Prompt 7

    A picture of a small boy with his mouth opened wide and holding up a beach towel that reads “How’s my breath?” 2020-08-12

  • Subspace Log: Writing Prompt 6

    Trapped at the start of a new level of a game. Someone travels underground with a grate moving through the sands above so they can breathe and communicate. Searching for someone. 2020-08-10

  • Subspace Log: Writing Prompt 5

    Trying to drive two cars to the same destination by driving one a little, walking back, and driving the other one a little. Ever pausing and undoing progress to make the same progress again, eventually one car is left in a parking lot and the other taken to the final destination where the kids are…