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  • The Voyage Home: The Voyage Long

    I was so proud of myself with The Mindful Home sonnet’s rhyme scheme consisting of no more than two words that I was about to prop my feet up and call it a day when I remembered: the environmental message of the fourth film, which you have to be a jerk to miss; and, Kirk totally quoted […]

  • The Voyage Home: The Mindful Home

    Given Spock’s recent experiences of death and sharing his Katra with Bones and his body’s strange regeneration and his whole Vulcan-style re-education, everyone — especially his mother and Kirk — are concerned with what — if anything — has survived of his humanity. It begins with the question How do you feel? which, grammatically, is actually a […]

  • The Search for Spock: The Love for Spock

    Yesterday I took issue with the logic behind what constituted Kirk’s sacrifice in the film. Actual logic dictates that he — and his core crew — set out willing to sacrifice their careers for the life of their friend, and — along the way — sacrificed the ship for their lives while also risking their lives for their friend. […]

  • The Search for Spock: The Price for Spock

    Today’s sonnet was a tricky little bugger. It begins with Kirk’s empty nest syndrome after the death of Spock when his son David stays at Genesis to further his research. The final lines, pulling Kirk back to Genesis for Spock’s sake ask to the price Kirk will pay to help his friend. It’s the same […]

  • The Wrath of Khan: The Cold of Space

    In The Warmth of Khan I talked in the most sympathetic of terms about Khan because he is — quite frankly — a most tragic figure, and — as a storyteller — I love a tragic figure. Today I had originally intended to write about all the things that will undoubtedly be propelling us into the third […]