Broken Bow, Parts 1&2: The Winds of Change

That … theme song. Whoa. I mean, I’m going to have to sit through that for 4 seasons.*

Anyway, I’m not sure what I was expecting from this pilot episode, but I know I wasn’t expecting my beloved Sam Beckett to be all high-and-mighty intolerant about aliens having different cultural norms. That was an unpleasant shock to the system to say the least.

Still, this is Captain Archer, not Sam Beckett, and this episode originally aired just two weeks after 9/11, so stubborn Americanism is going to happen. Which brings me to where I found inspiration for my first sonnet for ENT (Star Trek: Enterprise):

You can’t be afraid of the wind.

This is father-son advice from Archer’s childhood and it’s the major theme of the episode, the wind is always going to change and your job to go along for the ride. When the episode first started I thought I’d end up writing something connecting “Broken Bow” to “Archer”, but then this theme just wouldn’t leave me alone. So, here we are:

Speak who's afraid of the winds that change
to pull you ever back and forth
so you'll adapt and rearrange
equating journeying with worth.
Here, who's afraid of the winds that change
and cowers from the future's strange?
To fear is but to disembark
and call the nobler errand "Lark."
See, unafraid of winds that change,
the tide that ebbs and flows perchance
of learning Time a better dance.
Be not afraid of winds that change
your chosen, dear trajectory
or else come by your last story.

*Since watching the pilot I have watched the show wide awake and remembered that Netflix lets you skip ahead. Yay, technology!