Breaking the Ice: Fire in the Hole

The largest comet ever “discovered” by man. A ship full of Vulcans who are playing babysitter Prime-Directive style with the sort of disdain you’d expect from a babysitter in an 80s/90s sitcom. An encrypted message delivered to T’Pol’s quarters.

Today the crew makes progress in the way of trusting and understanding one another only to have said progress undercut by the show continuing to vilify the Vulcans. I’m getting real sick of this crap. It makes me want to throw things.

The issue I have with the Vulcans being shown again and again in a negative light is akin to the issue I have with any work of science fiction in which humans are so far removed from their violent past they can’t understand anyone else having violent inclinations.

As adult Spock once said to child Spock, Vulcans are not literally free of their emotions but have instead freed themselves from irrational behavior by learning to control/maintain balance in/practice mindfulness with their emotions. As Spock has taught us all over the years, to be Vulcan is to be Zen.

Yet time and again this show presents the Vulcans as self-righteous grumpykins. Meanwhile, T’Pol is the magical exception who has foregone her arranged marriage to travel the known universe with humans (bad body odor and all).

So help me, if somebody says one more time to T’Pol that something human is rubbing off on her from living with them for so long … something is going to get broken.

Vulcans know they aren’t perfect. They know they’ve come a long way and that they had to go that long way in order to earn the right to interact with other lifeforms and to remain understanding of every “strange” culture they meet. Humans are one of those strange cultures!

According to the universe of Star Trek we humans are supposed to have First Contact with Vulcans on my 75th birthday and here I am throwing a very human temper tantrum over a TV series. That means — according to the aforementioned timeline — we as a species have until April 5th of 2063 to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves.

Can we back to that work please?