Balance of Terror: Mayday! Mayday!

In the immortal words of Bill Murray,
“Oh my god, did that suck.”

Kirk is performing a wedding. Yay!
The wedding is interrupted by a distress call regarding an attack from the Romulans. Boo!
Still, this is our first time seeing the Romulans (who totally got their name from Romulus). Yay!
But they look like Vulcans and race becomes an issue with Spock as the victim of budding prejudices aboard the Enterprise. Boo!
But Kirk shames anyone getting all racist because racism is stupid and takes down the Romulan ship because they were violent and whatnot. Yay! and Yay?
What really sucks though is that, in all the hubbub, the groom died.

My first wedding
and the groom dies.

As I originally viewed this episode of TOS at the start of May, that’s what most pulled my focus as a sonneteer in terms of imagery.

Sonnet 7
The month of maying calls away
that sting of air who wears a shroud
to shield itself when break of day
wins sunny skies without a cloud.
Returning so, to kindle throes
of lilies that will never rose,
a widow’s walk goes to the bride
whose groom is taken from her side
before she can be made a wife.
Unwelcome guests bring tidings cold,
unwavering and ages old,
that only serve to end the life
of some small dream of love she had
when winter’s end brought flowers glad.



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