Amok Time: Alas Alack Amok

Let’s get these out of the way:

  1. totally had Chekov’s haircut in the 4th grade;
  2. Christine Chapel just can’t catch a break with Spock; and,
  3. Pon Farr is what I imagine Seasonique to be like. Shudder.

I like that a Vulcan woman can challenge her arranged marriage, but the fact that someone will have to die as a result pretty much sucks. Also, so nice of Kirk and McCoy to act as best men and that McCoy just happened to have the right drug to get everyone out of that jam. Whew.

I especially appreciate Spock’s warning that having may not be nearly as pleasant as wanting.

Sonnet 16
How quick to worship turned a gaze.
How turned the pen the final word
that earns a kindly hint of praise;
that could be won, if one would gird
enough to battle woe of self
and bear all sorrow into delph.
Perhaps the having would but blight
when wanting brings such great delight.
Still, only one can make the call,
if all the trials and their parts
will make the binding of two hearts,
and — having triumph over all —
if that same second will not make
a hell to follow heaven’s wake.

Starfleet Academy Lecture Suggestion: Things To Have In Your Pocket When Visiting Vulcan



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