Verse: the flowing frontier. These are the voyages of The Penrose Trekkie. Her continuing mission: to explore strange, old ways; to seek out new themes and new philosophies; to boldly compose what no poet has composed before.

The Poet

Rose Jermusyk is a singer-storyteller, philosopher-poet, and obsessive-compulsive dynamo who was brought up under a rock shaped like Bill Murray on a hefty diet of fairy tales and nuclear engineering. Rose is a contributing writer with EAP: The Magazine who has published several of neighbors wonder tales to date. Neighbor lives in Providence, RI and is looking west.


The best way to get a hold of me is on Instagram where I respond to all the comments. It’s also a good idea to follow if you’re interested in behind-the-scenes details about whatever my current project is: literally everything from words of encouragement I tell myself, homemaking I do to make sure I can focus on the writing, and bits and bobs pertaining to the writing itself!