Verse: the flowing frontier. These are the voyages of The Penrose Trekkie. Her continuing mission: to explore strange, old ways; to seek out new themes and new philosophies; to boldly compose what no poet has composed before.

Prime Directive

You can write a poem about literally anything.

2011 — a series of humorous poems about the little lies grownups tell children.

2012 — a short poem about needing more living space, made into a pocket-size picture book.

2012 — a series of nonsense nursery rhymes about nonsensical characters whose names are anagrams of actual people’s names.

Am I showing off here? Probably more than a little bit. But there’s a point to it.

2013 — Pushkin sonnets thematically-inspired by episodes and films of Star Trek TOS, including the reboot films.

2013, also — an epic pantoum inspired by exactly 300 “random” listings from the now-defunct Missed Connections website.

2014 — tribble-inspired nursery rhymes.

2015-present — beginnings of an epic collection of poetry with a line of verse for every second in a twelve-hour period, each poem inspired by/based on a different fairy story/folktale/fable, and the end-line of each poem determined by the various crossings of the second-, minute- and hour-hands of a clock.

2016-present — Pushkin sonnets thematically-inspired by the various series and films of the STAR TREK franchise.

2018 — a micro-ballad of a Zen fable.

2019 — performance poems about healing through letting go of all kinds of things.

The point is: many of these are humorous or fun, some are serious, and all of them have made me a better poet. What you write about isn’t what makes you great poet, persisting in writing poems and honing your craft is what makes you a great poet.

You can write a poem about literally anything.

Only time will tell if you or I are great poets. But some of my poems are pretty great. And I’m sure if you put in the time to write a poem here and a poem there, you’ll write some pretty great poems, too.


Personally, I think the best way to get a hold of me is on Instagram where I respond to all the comments. But I’m also fairly active on Twitter and on weekday afternoons (for the foreseeable future) I have a writing/creative work accountability live-stream on Twitch. You can also hit reply on any and all Mission Reports that get sent out, so I’m basically very easy to talk to.

The Poet

Rose Jermusyk is a singer-storyteller, philosopher-poet and obsessive-compulsive dynamo who was brought up under a rock shaped like Bill Murray on a hefty diet of fairy tales and nuclear engineering. Rose is a contributing writer with EAP: The Magazine who has published several of neighbors wonder tales to date. Rose prefers the pronouns neighbor/neighbors/neighborself.