The Bridge

Verse: the flowing frontier. These are the voyages of The Penrose Trekkie. Her continuing mission: to explore strange, old ways; to seek out new themes and new philosophies; to boldly compose what no poet has composed before.


The Poet

A late-comer to all things Star Trek, I am at once an outsider and a devotee (“One foot in sea and one on shore” as the Bard once wrote). I made my first contact and journeyed through TOS starting in early 2013 with weekly logs, many of which included Pushkin sonnets thematically-inspired by especially good episodes. I even went so far as to watch all the related films (including the reboots) and write sonnets for those as well.

Inspired by a certain captain’s renewed desire to be always journeying in Star Trek Beyond, I’ve once more taken up my old mission; this time watching all the series simultaneously and posting logs (many with sonnets) on the anniversary of each episode’s original airing.

No series will go unwatched, nor sonnet uncomposed, if I can help it.