The Bridge

Everything is Poetry.
If it wasn’t,
we wouldn’t call this place
now would we?

Prime Directive

You can write a poem about literally anything.

This is not a drill. In addition to all of the blogging and verse-writing I do as part of my own trekking, this site includes a growing collection of resources to help you with your own.


Honestly, my becoming a trekkie/trekker feels like a big misunderstanding. I’m a writer (on this site a poet), and I love to nerd out on math and science and find ways of sneaking it into said writing.

And other projects. When my sister was pregnant with my niece, I crocheted for her a striped baby blanket with the stripes increasing in width based on the Fibonacci series and then I crossbred the golden ratio with a hyperbolic function to create the blanket’s wavy border. I’m legit looking forward to making such a blanket for my own kids one day (and still debating with myself as to whether I should make a separate one for my nephew).

Anyway, I saw the first of the reboot movies with glare on the tv screen at midday and with commercial breaks on SyFy and decided I needed to give this whole Star Trek thing (which my brother-in-law and his whole family are super-into) a legit shot.

Next thing I knew somebody was reciting an alleged sonnet from memory that was purported to be “one of the most passionate love sonnets of the past couple of centuries” which to my mind includes this century and so I found myself yelling at the tv “Challenge accepted!”

And, well, that was back in January of 2013. And here I am having blogged my way through TOS, writing Pushkin sonnets (my nod to Chekhov being “missing” for all of Season 1) as I go, and now working my way through all of the Star Trek franchise and posting things on the anniversary dates of their original air/release dates.

And Spock help me if we don’t make First Contact on my 75th birthday as predicted by this whole dang shindig!


Personally, I think the best way to get a hold of me is on Instagram where I respond to all the comments. But I’m also fairly active on Twitter and sometimes I have a writing/creative work accountability live-stream on Twitch. You can also hit reply on any and all Mission Reports that get sent out, so I’m basically very easy to talk to.

The Poet

Rose Jermusyk is a singer-storyteller, philosopher-poet and obsessive-compulsive dynamo who was brought up under a rock shaped like Bill Murray on a hefty diet of fairy tales and nuclear engineering. Rose is a contributing writer with EAP: The Magazine who has published several of neighbors wonder tales to date. Rose prefers the pronouns neighbor/neighbors/neighborself.