A Taste of Armageddon: War, What is it Good For?

Fighting war virtually? Awesome. Disintegrating your own people? Not cool. The fact that this so-called civilization has managed to go half a millennia doing just that — rather than have peace talks — is crazy dumb. That’s why Spock, as understanding of their logic as he is, did not actually approve.

Also, why are there missions that allow visitors to the Enterprise to have authority over Kirk on the days when Kirk actually has the right ideas about things? Ugh. Such lazy writing.

Sonnet 12
How strange that man should think of war
as leading to a greater peace.
It seems the fight they do adore
above allowing each his piece:
for one must rise; the other fall
in with those conquered hordes in thrall;
and, those who write the story books
will claim they remedied the schnooks.
Do not lay claim the greater good
has been afforded to your care
without first asking what is there
that’s protean and understood
to act as one canonical
which keeps each voice still radical.



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