A Private Little War: Lilith, Thy Name is Nona

This episode’s teleplay was written by Roddenberry himself and draws an interesting parallel between Nurse Chapel helping Spock and some witch-woman-healer-person manipulating everyone for her own gain. Ever hear of Lilith? “Adam’s wife before the gift of Eve” — Dante Gabriel Rossetti

I bring up Lilith because once again we are on a beautiful earth-like planet that Kirk can only describe as Eden (currently being corrupted by technological advancements in warfare and the most obvious seductress ever). I think someone should buy Kirk a dictionary, or an e-reader packed to the gills with everything from Project Gutenberg, so he can expand his vocabulary of paradise. Most religions have their own version; many great works of literature have some with a fault or two comparable to those inevitably found on every Eden planet Kirk visits.

Sonnet 23
When good flowed as the river flows
did not all people know their place;
the call to share all joys and woes,
and sharing all to be of grace?
What caused then poison to be poured
and make a dire of sweet accord?
By want is wisdom’s well run dry,
by fear and greed and toothsome lie.
Seek now the cup of better cheer
before you dry the riverbed,
and hoping’s last has been out-bled.
But seek to open wide and hear
the call to share all joys and woes
when good flows as the river flows.

Starfleet Academy course recommendations: Comparative Religions and Paradise in Literature



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