11001001: Dangerous Dichotomies

Dammit, Ryker! Not your crap again. I just want to think about the funny little Binards who have merged with a super-computer over the centuries and why they took the path they took to get help and your getting friendly with a hologram.

No discussion about the pornographic implications, though they’re certainly there. No discussion about what it says about your “feminist” views that you admit you could develop feelings for a technological illusion who you say time and again is saying everything you want to hear. No clear indication as to what’s personal to you about the binary string “11001001” that you would know it was the file you were looking for besides that fact that it sticks out like a sore thumb among all the other files in the Enterprise’s computer data-banks.

You wanna know what “11001001” translates to?


“11001001” translates as “É”

What the hell? They stuck around to make sure you were successfully distracted by their holo-dame. They stuck around long enough for “her” to introduce herself and tell you she was waiting just for you and only you.

Why, when she told you her name, was her name not the name of the file that would save their race? Why, when you said it would have to be something staring you in the face because they chose you as their specified “savior”, did you not guess her name? Or why not your name, since you can’t see past your bubble of privilege anyway?!

Ryker, I’m calling it: you’re officially my least favorite character of TNG. Good luck trying to bounce back from that one, buddy.