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  • The Voyage Home: The Voyage Long

    I was so proud of myself with The Mindful Home sonnet’s rhyme scheme consisting of no more than two words that I was about to prop my feet up and call it a day when I remembered: the environmental message of the fourth film, which you have to be a jerk to miss; and, Kirk totally quoted […]

  • The Voyage Home: The Mindful Home

    Given Spock’s recent experiences of death and sharing his Katra with Bones and his body’s strange regeneration and his whole Vulcan-style re-education, everyone — especially his mother and Kirk — are concerned with what — if anything — has survived of his humanity. It begins with the question How do you feel? which, grammatically, is actually a […]

  • Academy Log: Volta D-20 for poetry.

    This is a poetry exercise for anyone in possession of a 20-sided die, it is easily modified for any-sized die for those looking to practice voltas. Step One. Make a list of twenty things you’ve done over the past week, month, whatever. Step Two. Make a list of twenty ways you’ve been interrupted over the […]

  • Communications Log: All sorts of egg on my face over here.

    Specifically, there are three types of egg on my face. First, I misremembered something in a big way because I was trying too hard to do a thing that didn’t make sense. Once upon a time I shared the origin story of my first-ever epic poem, the pantoum Random Bearings. However, it wasn’t the origin […]

  • The Search for Spock: The Love for Spock

    Yesterday I took issue with the logic behind what constituted Kirk’s sacrifice in the film. Actual logic dictates that he — and his core crew — set out willing to sacrifice their careers for the life of their friend, and — along the way — sacrificed the ship for their lives while also risking their lives for their friend. […]

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