Category: Verse

The Apple: The Snake in the Grass

Chekov’s hair has calmed down. I repeat, Chekov’s hair has calmed down. Also, a pretty blonde appears to be his girlfriend AND she’s throwing the word love around like it’s candy AND he isn’t even flinching. So, she has one-off written all over her. That would be the end of the post if it weren’t for Kirk and…

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Mirror, Mirror: Fairest of Them All

So, I could make an argument about how — in an alternate universe — Vulcans have reasoned among themselves that conquering people is a timesaver and they pulled humanity into that philosophy when we all met up in space. However, I would much rather meditate on Leibniz’s solution to the Problem of Evil, “we live in the best of…

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Amok Time: Alas Alack Amok

Let’s get these out of the way: I totally had Chekov’s haircut in the 4th grade; Christine Chapel just can’t catch a break with Spock; and, Pon Farr is what I imagine Seasonique to be like. Shudder. I like that a Vulcan woman can challenge her arranged marriage, but the fact that someone will have to die as a result…

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