Category: Season 1

The Jihad: The Errant

Well, that was a fun little time-pocket episode. Admit I was torn between the prince and the coward as the saboteur, but the contrast between the beginning and ending of the whole thing was really rather striking.

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Eye of the Beholder: Children Will Listen

Once upon a time there was an episode of Twilight Zone that broke my heart because an astronaut with technology sufficient enough to travel to an alien world was then locked up in a zoo with no human companionship save the human-looking locals who stood outside his exhibit to gawk and to laugh.

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The Ambergris Element: Under the Sea

KIRK AND SPOCK ARE TURNED INTO MERMEN! KIRK AND SPOCK ARE TURNED INTO MERMEN! If this show doesn’t do something to warrant a sonnet soon I will be downright shocked because this episode came so stinkin’ close (but gave me ideas for other projects instead).

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