Yesteryear: Yesterspock

It’s hard to fault an episode centered on Spock. In fact the only fault in this episode (besides time-travel issues I cannot begin to discuss because of – no joke – time constraints) is actually just adorable and a reminder of when the show was made: Little Spock makes his first appearance wearing boots (clearly…Read moreRead more

Beyond the Farthest Star: The Furthest Reach of Time

Mysterious radio emissions. A strange, dead star. An advanced and ancient alien vessel destroyed from within. Welcome to Thursday on the starship Enterprise.

Supplemental Log: The Open/Shut Case

What is the form of the poem? The topic of poetic forms can be summed up in two words, Open & Shut (though the latter may sometimes be referred to as Closed or Fixed). For the most part, this setup makes finding the answer to the first of the Fundamental 4 Questions (F4Q) easy because — mostly…Read moreRead more

Supplemental Log: Poems Defining Poetry

Let them read poems. So, we each have our own working definition of poetry, summing up how we experience the stuff. We each, also, can quote a poet — most likely a dead one — who said something just so right about a poem that the conversation must be over. It isn’t. Why? Because, officially, this…Read moreRead more

Turnabout Intruder: In Her Shoes

This is it. The final episode of the original series and one of the earliest if not the first instance of inter-gender body-swapping in science fiction. Yet there’s no room for the comedy of a man in a woman’s body or a woman in a man’s body. This episode is too tragic for that. Kirk’s…Read moreRead more